One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Directed by Ezra Barnes

Playhouse on Park, November 2018


"Katya Collazo was most effective in her Playhouse on Park debut as the mousy and devout Nurse Flinn and also covered the role of the party girl Sandra" -Nancy Sasso Janis, Naugatuck Patch 

"Katya Collazo, who plays Nurse Flinn and Sandra, performs two characters who have completely opposite personalities. Nurse Flinn is a devout Catholic, while Sandra is the live in the moment type of person. Collazo performs both characters wonderfully, for when she is performing as Nurse Flinn, she becomes stoic in appearance and composes herself in a formal manner, and when she performs as Sandra, she acts with a free-spirited attitude."-Joshua Gorero, CT Critics Circle 

"Katya Collazo is equally as wonderful as the meeker Nurse Flinn and also, prostitute Sandra."-Stephanie Lyons-Keeley, Pillow Talking Blog